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Netlon Range

• Flat or tubular • Straight or curved • Flexible • Incredibly strong • Relatively inert and resistant to chemicals • Lightweight • UV stable • Cost effective.

For nearly half a century, Netlon Industrial Products have been providing innovative solutions to unique problems faced by a vast range of industries, through adaptation and ongoing development of a unique range of thermoplastic meshes and nets.


Industries as varied as fish farming, wine making, bra moulding, power generation, automotive and sanitary ware have all benefited from this innovative technology. In fact, any industry that requires product protection, reinforcement, support, separation or even just decoration will find the answer in Netlon.

Netlon mesh offers a tough, lightweight, corrosion resistant and very flexible alternative to metal in the manufacture of filters for a wide variety of applications. The range includes filter meshes, filter sleeves and rigid tubes (for the cores of wound or pleated elements) in a wide variety of configurations. Unlike metal components Netlon’s plastic elements can be easily disposed of via incineration.

Netlon protective mesh sleeves are easy to apply and hug the shape of the product or component. They are ideal for shielding delicate objects through the manufacturing process, whilst in storage or being transported and because of the aesthetic nature of the mesh, can also be used in retail displays. Sleeves are available in a standard range of colour coded sizes, but can be manufactured to meet specific requirements.

Strength and formability makes Netlon mesh the ideal reinforcement medium for a wide range of consumer and industrial products. The open “weave” allows other materials to be integrated into the Netlon to form a
composite product. Mesh is used as reinforcement in everything from bras to parcel shelves for cars.

Mesh and nets are used in industries as diverse as fish farming, food processing and power generation. Easy to install and requiring very little maintenance Netlon meshes are relatively inert and resistant to chemicals making them the ideal choice in many industrial, processing and chemical applications.

The inherent strength of Netlon mesh means it is widely used in the construction industry. Products being transported either through air, sea or road also require maximum protection and the Netlon range is more than able to offer product protection.

Netlon meshes and nets are supplied in a variety of attractive colours, textured finishes and aperture sizes.
They are often used to help improve the aesthetic appeal of a product and “add value” – particularly in retail environments. The application of Netlon meshes is virtually limitless. They are, for example, used to create the “exfoliators” which hang in showers throughout the world and as safe and healthy bar mats found in pubs and clubs.



With the current emphasis on healthy eating, the fresh produce counter is becoming a focal point in more and more supermarkets. Therefore, choosing a packaging system that will ensure the most attractive presentation of prepacked produce has never been more important. Due to their unique benefits in the prepacking of fresh produce, Netlon packaging nets, available in a wide range of mesh sizes, stretch widths and colours are a convenient and cost effective method of packaging fresh fruit and vegetables.

Garden Net

Garden Net

Most plants need constant support and protection and Netlon nets and mesh offer a simple solution to many gardening problems.

• Versatile and long-lasting plastic mesh
• Won’t rust or corrode
• Easy to handle
• Re-usable and tough
• Requires no painting
• Fungi resistant
• Easy to cut with a pair of garden scissors.

Netlon Garden net is an essential and convenient gardening

Material: High density polyethylene
Size: 1 x 25 metre length

Bird Net

Bird Net

Economical and durable, protects crop loss from birds Protect your crop against loss or damage from birds with our economical and durable bird netting. Bird Net is ideal for use in large fruit orchards and vegetable fields as well as on plants or trees in a domestic garden.

• Offers all the benefits of durable plastic
• Light-weight and easy to handle
• Re-usable
• Will not rot or rust
• Strong yet delicate enough to protect soft or delicate fruit
• Fungi resistant
• Easily draped over poles or trees
• Provides no toe-hold for birds to land on

Netlon Bird Net is a convenient and easy way of keeping birds from becoming pests in the garden.

Material: High-density polyethylene
Sizes: 5 x 5 metre
5 x 50 metre
2.5 x 10 metre
Only available in Black

Oyster Mesh

Oyster Nets

Netlon Oyster Nets are made of polymers which withstand prolonged immersion in both salt and fresh water.

• Ideal for oyster and abalone
baskets, cages and trays
• Available in tubular and slit form
• Withstands prolonged immersion in salt and fresh water
• Rust proof

Fruit drying net

Fruit Drying with Netlon

Netlon Fruit Drying Net is part of a range of Netlon products which have provided solutions to many Agricultural and Industrial problems. The unique manufacturing process of this plastic net provides it with washable, rot-proof, non-absorbent and ultra violet resistant qualities. Furthermore, Netlon allows a free flow of air around the drying fruit, thus allowing rapid evaporation of moisture. Netlon is easily fitted into standard drying trays and is re-usable season after season.

• Available in 0.84 x 50m rolls for lining wooden drying trays.
In 1.3 x 25m rolls for rolling directly onto the ground
• Ideal for various fruit drying
• Light-weight and easy to handle
• Re-usable
• Will not rot or rust
• Fungi resistant

Protective Sleeving

Protective Sleeving

Netlon protective sleeving provides: effective, economical protection for components against surface damage during manufacture, handling, storage and transit. Can be used to protect a wide range of products, from heavy machined items to ceramics and glassware.

• Cushioning
• Flexible
• Chemically resistant to combat the effects of oil and grease
• Easy to handle and apply
• Effective and Economical
• Suitable for a wide range of applications

Also available as a stillage separator which protects vulnerable machined items from damage during storage and transport within metal stillages. The separate layers of components preventing damaging
contact between machined faces and its open mesh structure allows rapid drainage of oil and swarf resulting in cleaner components.

Materials Heavy duty flexible polyethylene
Sizes 12.5; 25; 50; 75 and 100mm



Netlon Pallet Net (PalNet) is ideal for protecting and securing pallets of fresh produce or other products for transport and unitisation to point of sale.

• Open mesh structure enables the load to be treated with liquid and
gaseous coolants to accelerate freezing operations.
• Free circulation of air eliminates condensation and humidity build-up
• Excellent resistance to all chemicals, bacteria and fungi
• Conforms to unconventional shapes, but provides stability for double
• Can be wrapped at high tension, without slipping or stretching
• Minimises deterioration and premature fruit/vegetable ripening
By restraining potentially harmful loads with PalNet:
• Pallets can be safely stored, handled and transported, as gasses are allowed to dissipate rather than be allowed to build up to lethal
• If necessary, treatments such as fumigation can be applied as they can penetrate and circulate

Material: Polypropylene
Sizes: 450/500mm x 1000/2000 metre rolls

Safety Net

Safety Barrier Fencing

A premium high strength, high quality, light or heavy weight plastic fencing mesh. Manufactured from high density polyethylene, it is ideal for temporary or re-usable fencing applications. The mesh can be easily erected and supported either by steel fencing pins for temporary use, or pinned to wooden fence posts for permanent use.

• UV stabilised
• Re-usable/durable
• Available in orange
• Other colours manufactured to order

• 0.8 metre to 1.0 metre width
• Rolls 50-metre length

Geopipes, Flownet, Wick Drain

Geopipes - Flownet - Wick Drain

Not just an engineer’s pipe dream. They have been specifically designed and manufactured to be a practical solution for all drainage problems. The 70% open area of the Geopipe allows for a significant increase in the infiltration rate of water into the pipe.

• Maximises infiltration and discharge
• Unbreakable even at low temperatures
• Light and highly flexible
• Chemically resistant
• Resistant to micro organisms
• Resistant to degradation
• Easy to Install
• Easy to Connect
• Cost Effective

Splash Pipes / Blocks

Splash Pipes / Blocks

Highly effective NON CORROSIVE filtration pipes manufactured in both loose and block formation used for cooling tower applications. Size and format available to specification

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